Sunday, October 24, 2010

Derrick vs Carrots

We are going to have to declare carrots a BLW fail.  The carrots were peeled, quartered length wise, and steamed until they were soft enough to gum, but stiff enough to hold in Derrick's hand.  Derrick reluctantly took the carrot we handed to him and made the same "ew, what is this?" face from yesterday.  He licked the carrot and a piece broke off in his mouth.  He spit the piece out.  Well, actually it flowed out of his mouth in a river of drool.

Derrick ended up being more interested in eating his bib......

We will have to try carrots again.  I think we'll take a break from orange veggies for awhile.  But not too long, as I have read that you should offer kids something 10-12 times before you can say they "don't like" something.

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