Sunday, October 31, 2010

Derrick vs Butternut Squash

Orange can probably tell we like them.  They have been our most popular offering to Derrick during these first few days of BLW  We are just offering him what we are eating, but Derrick isn't overly thrilled with these nutrient dense offerings. 

I have been reading up on fresh food preparation,  preservation, and storage. I caught an article on the best way to prepare veggies to not lose nutrients.  I was surprised to learn, microwaving lost the least amount of vitamins from the veggies.  Apparently the quick cooking allowed more nutrients to stay in the veggies.  Steaming was a close second.  So I thought I would give microwaving the squash a try, especially since we were having our squash in the form of a a curry, and I am not ready to expose Derrick to a more complex food yet.  (Plus our pediatrician said to wait until he was 9 months for something that complex.)


Well, the one downside to microwaving is that it leaves a thin 'skin' on the veggie.  (I had already pealed and chopped into fry like shapes)  Since Derrick wasn't thrilled with this offering, he didn't put much of an effort into gumming his food.  We got the "you've gotta be kidding" face again, as he just kept licking his veggie.


With a little help from mom, he would eat bits off my finger and he seemed to enjoy it.  We will keep at it with the orange veggies :)

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