Sunday, October 31, 2010

Derrick vs Butternut Squash

Orange can probably tell we like them.  They have been our most popular offering to Derrick during these first few days of BLW  We are just offering him what we are eating, but Derrick isn't overly thrilled with these nutrient dense offerings. 

I have been reading up on fresh food preparation,  preservation, and storage. I caught an article on the best way to prepare veggies to not lose nutrients.  I was surprised to learn, microwaving lost the least amount of vitamins from the veggies.  Apparently the quick cooking allowed more nutrients to stay in the veggies.  Steaming was a close second.  So I thought I would give microwaving the squash a try, especially since we were having our squash in the form of a a curry, and I am not ready to expose Derrick to a more complex food yet.  (Plus our pediatrician said to wait until he was 9 months for something that complex.)


Well, the one downside to microwaving is that it leaves a thin 'skin' on the veggie.  (I had already pealed and chopped into fry like shapes)  Since Derrick wasn't thrilled with this offering, he didn't put much of an effort into gumming his food.  We got the "you've gotta be kidding" face again, as he just kept licking his veggie.


With a little help from mom, he would eat bits off my finger and he seemed to enjoy it.  We will keep at it with the orange veggies :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Derrick vs Bananas

We will add bananas to the list of successful foods.  We tried to let Derrick hold the banana, but again, it was very slippery.  He was happier to move himself towards the banana I was holding and take a bite of it on his own.


Another successful food for Derrick.  :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Derrick vs Pears

Pears were a good food for Derrick.  He really seemed to enjoy eating them.  We peeled the pear and cut it into wedges.  We microwaved it to soften them up.  We tried to let Derrick hold the pears himself, but they were too slippery for him to get a good grip.  Instead I held the pear and let him move toward it and bite himself.


I think we will try these again very soon.  Hopefully he can learn how to pick them up on his own soon


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Derrick vs the sippy cup

We did the text book offering of water.  Well, Derrick thought the sippy cup was a fun toy.  I am glad I got the "no spill" version.

With help from me, I tried to get him to drink from it.  Derrick thought it was a new toy to chew.  No drinking occurred.  When he was done, I tried to take a drink from it.  Boy, do you have to suck hard.  Wow.  With Derrick never having a bottle, I don't know if he will ever suck on the sippy cup hard enough to get any water.

We will try another style cup next time

Derrick vs Carrots

We are going to have to declare carrots a BLW fail.  The carrots were peeled, quartered length wise, and steamed until they were soft enough to gum, but stiff enough to hold in Derrick's hand.  Derrick reluctantly took the carrot we handed to him and made the same "ew, what is this?" face from yesterday.  He licked the carrot and a piece broke off in his mouth.  He spit the piece out.  Well, actually it flowed out of his mouth in a river of drool.

Derrick ended up being more interested in eating his bib......

We will have to try carrots again.  I think we'll take a break from orange veggies for awhile.  But not too long, as I have read that you should offer kids something 10-12 times before you can say they "don't like" something.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Derrick vs Sweet Potatoes

Today was our first day of solid foods.  It was a big milestone for both us and Derrick.  We peeled the sweet potato and used a mandolin to cut it into french fry stick shapes.  Then the sweet potatoes were steamed until soft.

Derrick's very first taste was interesting.  He took a bite and swallowed, but was very confused by what he was doing

Derrick tried a few bites and we had a few swallows, but his reaction wasn't overwhelmingly positive.  Not sure if he "liked" it or not, but we'll keep on trying

Not much of a mess either, but that was mostly because he didn't 'play' with his food too much.

Happy eating!