Saturday, March 26, 2011

Derrick vs his 9 month appointment

A few weeks ago Derrick went for his 9 month well baby check up.  The reason I wanted to post about the visit is that we had talked about solid foods.  I didn't tell my pediatrician that we were doing BLW, but just that I was preparing all of his foods myself, no jar junk.  At the visit our pediatrician encouraged us to start table foods.  He said with Derrick's pincer grasp, as good as it is, there was no reason to hold back.  Hearing that made me very happy.  He also said that except for four foods, I could give Derrick whatever I wanted.  Those 4 foods are:  peanuts, shellfish, eggs, milk.****

This news also made me excited.  I didn't have to keep wondering, "Is this a proper first food"?  Now I could really just give Derrick whatever we were having ourselves for dinner.  What a great way to really include him as part of our family.  This also meant that I could start giving Derrick proteins, which worry wart me had been holding back.

So be on the lookout for more posts involving some more interesting foods!

****Follow your own pediatrician's advice as to introductions to high allergenic foods.  Do not take my post as advice of when to introduce certain foods.   

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